The journey from a house to our Home

When I first arrived in the suburbs in 2002, I was miserable. I joked that my claw marks destroyed third avenue from being dragged out of Manhattan. I loved the ease of city living. Walking instead of driving to destinations, having friends nearby and swiftly completing my interior design work throughout the city made me happy. I took advantage of all New York had to offer. I went to museums, frequented Central Park, attended sporting events, and discovered restaurants in obscure locations. You could say I took massive bites of the big apple daily. Living in New York inspired me to go after my goals, dream bigger, dare to reach for what I never thought I was capable of achieving. Beyond taking advantage of the city, I appreciated the gorgeous windows on Madison Avenue, the spring flowers along Park Avenue, the gay pride parade, and sailors roaming the city during fleet week. My eight years in the city were some of my happiest years. My first daughter was born at Mount Sinai Hospital and it was heaven to push her in the stroller throughout the city, meeting other new mom’s and expanding my social network. I adored my new life as a mom in the city. I was content.

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